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3 Ways to Ensure You'll Love Your Wedding Photos: Essential Tips from an Expert Asheville Wedding Photographer

Weddings are a whirlwind of emotion, tradition, and memories in the making. Among the most cherished keepsakes from these events are the photos – tangible memories that transport you back to the treasured moments of that day. Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding, and even once you’ve chosen you might be haunted with the worry “What if I don’t love my wedding photos?” So how can you ensure you truly *love* these photos of the day you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money creating?

As an Asheville wedding and elopement photographer with Wilder Weddings Collective who has shot over 300 weddings, I’ve captured countless moments, and I have some insights to share on this topic. Here are three cardinal rules, plus a bonus tip, follow to guarantee that you’ll not just like, but love, your wedding photos. 


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1. Schedule Enough Time with Your Wedding Photographer

Many couples underestimate the amount of time it takes to capture the story of their wedding day. It’s not just about snapping a few pictures; it’s about capturing real emotions, genuine experiences, and candid moments. If you book your wedding photographer for an extended period of time, rather than just a few hours for some quick pics, it allows the day to unfold naturally. By doing so, the day becomes less about posing for photos and more about living the experiences that you’ll cherish forever. It seems counterintuitive but remember: The longer your photographer is with you, the less about photos the day becomes and the more authentic your experience (and by extension photos) will be.

2. Ditch the Shot List

Yes, you read that right! While some might swear by a detailed shot list, think of your photos as memories of your genuine experiences rather than staged photo ops. Instead of fixating on specific pictures, focus on what you wish to experience on your wedding day and who you want to experience it with. What do you want to experience? Who do you want to experience it with? What emotions do you want to evoke? What tastes, sights, and smells do you want to remember? Plan your day around these core elements. Then, trust in your wedding photographer to capture the emotions and memories of the day as it naturally unfolds.

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3. Create Space with the Most Important People

It’s your special day, and while every guest is essential, some hold a closer place in your heart. Start with an intimate moment with your spouse, perhaps with an unhurried first look that includes a gift/letter exchange or private, intimate vows. Gradually extend this circle to your closest friends, VIPs, and family. Carve out time with your wedding party, if you have one, and if not, invite your closest friends to join you before the ceremony for an unposed cocktail hour or hangout time where you can be yourself with them and make some real memories with your nearest and dearest (read more about this concept here!). Right after this, consider completing family photos before the ceremony, allowing more quality time afterward. By wrapping up these essential shots early, you free up time post-ceremony to socialize and mingle, ensuring you’re present in every moment. 


BONUS TIP: Surround yourself with people you love in places you feel comfortable

The ambiance and company play a pivotal role in how you feel on your wedding day. Surround yourself with loved ones in a setting where you’re most comfortable. If you’re at ease and genuinely enjoying yourself, it’ll reflect in your photos. You could have the most amazing wedding photos in the world, but you won’t love them, and they won’t mean anything to you, if you didn’t love how you felt while they were being taken. So, ensure your happiness and comfort take center stage. If you’re happy, relaxed, and enjoying yourself on your wedding day you’ll love your wedding photos!

The key to loving your wedding photos lies in embracing authenticity, prioritizing moments over poses, and trusting in the expertise of your wedding photographer. At Wilder Weddings Collective, we empower couples to reclaim their wedding day, making it an experience they’ve always dreamt of. For more tips and insights, check out the rest of our blog, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @wilderweddingsco!  If you’re looking for an Asheville wedding photographer who cares deeply about your experience on your wedding day, reach out to us on our Contact page, and let’s talk!  

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