Emily+Travis’ Intimate Adventure Wedding on the Blue Ridge Parkway:: Asheville Wedding Photographer


Emily + Travis’s Intimate Adventure Wedding on the Blue Ridge Parkway :: Asheville Wedding Photographer

In mid August as the wildflowers bloomed amongst the greens and blues of the Blue Ride summer, Emily and Travis celebrated their love in an intimate ceremony that showcased the breathtaking beauty of Asheville’s outdoors. Every second of their day was a blend of heartfelt moments, the magic of nature, and the shared joy of a close-knit group of family and friends. For any couple dreaming of an intimate Asheville outdoor wedding, Emily and Travis’s day was the epitome of perfection.

A Sunrise Beginning: Mountain Magic

Before the world truly woke, Emily, Travis and their loved ones met at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the pre-dawn darkness (for more info on how to elope on the Blue Ridge Parkway, check out the Park Service’s guidelines HERE). Guided by the soft pre-sunrise glow, they walked towards the overlook. The surrounding tranquility, broken only by the soft whispers of anticipation, was the perfect setting for their intimate vows and first look.

The sky began to gently illuminate the sky, offering the most mesmerizing backdrop of layered colors for their sunrise first look. The scene was ethereal, capturing the essence of what makes Asheville elopements so unique.

A Blue Ridge Parkway Ceremony: Heartfelt Vows and Tears of Joy

As the morning sun cast its golden hue, Emily and Travis exchanged their vows surrounded by 15 of their closest family and friends. Before the sun was high in the sky, amidst a symphony of applause, laughter, and a few teary eyes, they were pronounced married.

Following the ceremony, they shared a delightful breakfast picnic curated by Picnic Popup Asheville (our favorite picnic company in the area!), and the newlyweds stole a few moments for mountain portraits, allowing themselves time and space to take in all the emotions of the day.

Adventure and Intimacy: Chasing Waterfalls

Continuing their wedding adventure, Emily and Travis made their way to a few nearby waterfalls to explore and enjoy time together. They hiked towards a waterfall they could walk behind, soaking in the serene ambiance. Here, against the melodious backdrop of cascading waters, they exchanged private vows and even shared a spontaneous first dance.

But the adventures didn’t end there! The next stop was Looking Glass Falls, an iconic location in Asheville. The newlyweds waded into the water, rinsing the mud ombre from Emily’s dress and embracing the adventure of the day. After their adventure they stopped by the Velvet Cup Coffee Truck for freshly made donuts and coffee, the perfect way to wrap up a morning of adventuring!!

Their magical day, woven with intimacy, nature, and adventure was the perfect way for them to celebrate. 

If you’re inspired by Emily and Travis’s intimate wedding and are looking for an Asheville Elopement Photographer, Wilder Weddings Collective is here to make your dream come true. With the natural beauty of Asheville as your backdrop, let us capture your unique love story! 

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Photography, Planning, Location Scouting, Experience Curation: Carolyn and Jake for Wilder Weddings Collective

Hair and Makeup – Powder me Pretty

Officiant – Happily Ever Asheville – Amanda

Picnic – Picnic Popup Asheville

Cake – Short Street Cakes 

Dress – Davids Bridal

Florals – Wood flowers from Sola


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