Kira & Jordan’s Intimate Wedding at Old Sherrill’s Inn :: Asheville Wedding Photographer


Kira & Jordan's Intimate Wedding at Old Sherrill’s Inn :: Asheville Wedding Photographer

Deep within Fairview, NC, nestled amidst the tranquility of Sherrill’s Inn, Kira and Jordan became husband and wife on a glorious June day. The venue, radiating with historical charm, proved to be a perfect setting for Kira and Jordan’s intimate wedding. 

Intimate First Look & Preps: Moments Before the Magical “I Do”

Both Kira and Jordan commenced their day in the cozy ambiance of the property’s farmhouse. These pre-wedding hours, filled with a mix of excitement and serenity, are always full of intimate moments with closest friends and family. While Caroline captured the radiant bride and her entourage, Taylor documented the groom and his groomsmen’s camaraderie in the library.

One of the most poignant scenes of the day was when Kira’s mother assisted her with the dress, followed by a touching first look shared between Kira and her father. We love when couples carve out time in their day for connection and genuine emotion with the people they love the most!

Once they were both dressed, the bride and groom shared an intimate first look amongst the boxwood hedges, and exchanged private vows tucked away from the chaos of the bigger wedding party before joining close friends and family to sign their Ketubah on the front porch of the farmhouse.

Serene Outdoor Ceremony: Exchanging Vows Under Nature’s Canopy

One of our favorite aspects of Old Sherrill’s Inn is the Ceremony Grove. Hemmed in by massive boxwood hedges and surrounded by towering trees, this intimate space evokes the feeling of being in a church while still being outside in nature. Kira and Jordan exchanged their heartfelt vows in front of their 80 guests in this gorgeous space and there was hardly a dry eye in the crowd.

Kira and Jordan paid homage to their Jewish heritage with several Jewish marriage traditions, such as exchanging their vows under a handmade Chuppah, the signing of the Ketubah, and later on at the reception, the lively dancing of the Hora. It was such a gorgeous integration of traditions that only served to deepen the intentionality of the day!

Joyous Celebrations Amidst the Orchard’s Embrace

The reception was a blend of joy, laughter, and traditional festivities. Guests were greeted with limoncello shot escort cards, adding a unique touch to the celebrations. The evening saw heartfelt toasts, memorable dances, and the lively Hora that unified everyone present.

An absolute highlight was when the couple snuck away from the reception for some portraits at dusk, and took the opportunity to jump on the venue’s in-ground trampoline! These two really know how to celebrate, even enjoying a champagne toast in the vintage bathtub back inside the farmhouse. 

As the night deepened, the energy only escalated. Surrounded by loved ones and fueled by tasty jams from the Emerald Empire Band, Kira and Jordan danced the night away under the stars on the open air dance floor. What a way to end the night!.

Kudos to the Team Behind the Scenes

Every intricate detail of this intimate wedding was beautifully orchestrated by the talented Squirrel’s Nest Events. Their celebration was a testament to the magic that unfolds when love, tradition, and family converge.

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Venue: Sherril’s Inn

Coordinator: Squirrel’s Nest Events

Hair & Makeup: Powder Me Pretty

Dessert: Sugar and Snow Gelato

Band: Emerald Empire Band

Photography: Caroline for Wilder Weddings Collective

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