Wild Places Workshop

A Wedding Photography Workshop for Adventurous Souls with a Zest for Life

March 7-15, 2022 :: SOUTH AFRICA

Spring 2023 (dates TBD):: ASHEVILLE, NC

Pushing the Boundaries of Wedding Photography to the Ends of the Earth

Do you dream of intimate weddings on mountaintops, or next to waterfalls, or in towering forests? Are you uninspired by price-shopping clients who don’t value you, or feel stuck working with couples who you don’t connect with emotionally? The Wild Places Workshop is the answer. Come along with us as we explore the ins and outs of booking adventurous elopements and travel weddings. We’ll explore why we do what we do, finding your voice and passion, and how to translate that passion to your audience, turning them into ideal clients. Through teaching sessions, targeted styled shoots, and community building, we hope you leave this week refreshed, inspired, and ready to take your shooting to the next level.

The Wild Places Workshop is an adventure wedding photography workshop, but it is not about showing you how to run your business just like ours or turning you into perfect copies of us. It’s about helping you find your own passion, style, and voice to vault your business to where you dream it could be. It’s about raising up a generation of wedding photographers who guard their clients emotions and explore ways to help them have as genuine an experience as possible. Who aren’t afraid to think outside the ballroom and capture some of life’s greatest adventures. So come along with us and push the boundaries of what you imagine wedding photography can be.