4 Tips to Help Your Wedding Morning Run Smoothly


4 Tips to Help Your Wedding Morning Run Smoothly

There’s an unsung chapter in every wedding story: the morning. Before the “I do’s” and the twilight dances, before the bouquet toss and the champagne toasts, there’s a quiet and intimate period filled with anticipation, excitement, and nerves. As an Asheville wedding photographer, capturing these beautiful, raw moments is one of our specialties at Wilder Weddings Collective.

Your wedding morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s a time for reflection, preparation, and bonding with your closest friends and family. For those planning an Asheville intimate wedding, making sure this part of your day runs smoothly is absolutely essential. Here are four golden tips from our expert eyes:

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1. Rethink the Bridal Beauty Queue

Often, brides get scheduled last when it comes to hair and makeup. Our advice? Don’t. Position yourself in the middle. Trust in your esteemed hair and makeup artist; your look will hold. By not placing yourself last, you build in buffer time. If there’s a hiccup in the schedule, you’re already ready, keeping the timeline on track. Plus, you can relax when you first arrive and then relax again while the last few ladies finish their looks, creating a more laid back and fun wedding morning.

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2. The Magic of the Details Box

Every heirloom and piece of jewelry tells a part of your story. Make it effortless for your wedding photographer to capture gorgeous highlights of these important details by preparing a details box in advance. This ensures nothing gets missed and allows us to seamlessly weave in detail shots amidst the flurry of hair and makeup. A pro-tip from us at Wilder Weddings Collective: keep all three rings in this box and ensure your bouquet arrives where you’re prepping. It makes for some breathtaking shots!

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3. Dress to Impress (Ahead of Time)

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a wedding dress, waiting for its moment in the spotlight. But ensure it’s wrinkle-free and at its best by steaming it the night before. Likewise, steam bridesmaid dresses and iron shirts well ahead of time and let the outfits breathe. These little steps, though they may seem minute, can help avoid unexpected delays that eat into your precious time. And remember, steam and freshly done hair and makeup aren’t always the best of friends so finish all de-wrinkling before hair and makeup starts!


4. Set the Scene for Stunning Shots

Imagine this: you’re surrounded by vintage furniture, bathed in the soft glow of natural light, sharing laughs with your bridesmaids. Sounds dreamy, right? Your getting ready location isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a character in the narrative of your Asheville intimate wedding day. If your vision is a bright, airy room filled with character, ensure your chosen venue matches this vision. And once you’ve chosen that perfect spot, make sure you carve out enough time to really soak in the morning there.

An intimate wedding is all about cherishing the smaller, nuanced moments, and that starts right from the morning. With these tips, you’re well on your way to a day that flows seamlessly, filled with memories you’ll cherish forever.

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