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Being a destination wedding photographer allows me to experience all kinds of amazing places. But it also allows me to experience amazing people, and their deep connections with each other and their closest family and friends. Jocelyn and Zach and their adventurous Saint Lucia wedding was no exception. These two have been together for nearly a decade. When it came time to plan their wedding, they knew they wanted a day that reflected everything dear to them; their love, their families, and their thirst for adventure. These two planned a gorgeous, joyful day on the island of St. Lucia, based at La Haut Plantation in the mountains above Soufriere. Jocelyn wore a flowy tulle dress, a bright tropical flower crown, and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. And the way Zach looked at her made me want to melt with each click of the shutter.

They were joined by just their closest family, including Zach’s sweet grandmother who is battling cancer. Having just their nearest and dearest there for their day created a sweet and intimate setting, but didn’t keep them from still having an epic dance party well into the night! The two were wed in a gorgeous field overlooking the famous Pitons, and excited the ceremony in a shower of flower petals before we headed off on the most epic wedding adventure I’ve ever been a part of.

Jocelyn had found a photo online of a bride and groom standing on a rock in the middle of the water, with the Pitons in the background. With nothing but that photo to go on, we chartered a boat (the captain said he knew the place) and set off. We soon saw the rock in the distance, at which point the captain had his crew pull out a 5x3ft rubber dinghy with a tiny motor. Jocelyn and Zach are by far the bravest bride and groom I have ever had! They climbed into that tiny boat and were shuttled out to the rock, where they climbed up and stood, waves crashing around them, reveling in their new marriage and their love for each other. I and my second shooter loaded into the dinghy next and circled the rock for about 20 minutes. Jocelyn and Zach were too far away from us to hear any posing instructions, but they were so absorbed in each other they didn’t need any. Jocelyn told me, upon our return, that as they were standing up there Zach said to her “You always get us into these situations where I think we’re going to die…and it always turns out ok”. Well, I’d say it turned out more than ok. Those portraits were some of the most incredible I’ve ever had the honor of capturing.

Upon returning to shore we made our way back to the plantation, where their family and friends were waiting to share dinner, dancing, and a night to remember. As the night darkened we set out to the beach to release wish lanterns into the summer sky. It was the most perfect, magical day a bride and groom could have asked for.

(Part of the reason these two were such naturals in front of the camera was because by the time their wedding day rolled around, they had already been in front of my camera not once, not twice, but THREE times! Check out their incredible engagement shoot and their wedding week adventure shoots too!)

Thanks a billion to Siobhan Lorraine Photography for second shooting for me!

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