Dawn + Grant: A foggy mountaintop vow renewal :: Asheville Elopement Photographer

When Dawn first contacted me about her and Grant’s vow renewal, I actually squealed aloud and woke up my housemates. Her vision of a bohemian-style mountaintop ceremony and portraits afterwards had me so excited. And when the day came and she stepped out of the car in her amazing lace dress from BHLDN I knew it would be everything I had imagined and more. She and Grant tearfully renewed their vows overlooking a beautiful wall of fog and mist, and then we headed up the mountain for portraits. One minute we had fog and rain, the next sun and clear air, then fog and rain again. It was beautiful and moody and amazing. I can’t wait to do more Asheville elopement type shoots like this!


Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0001 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0002 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0003 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0004 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0005 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0006 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0007 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0008 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0009 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0010 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0011 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0012 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0013 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0014 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0015 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0016 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0017 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0018 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0019 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0020 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0021 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0022 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0023 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0024 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0025 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0026 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0027 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0028 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0029 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0030 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0031 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0032 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0033 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0034 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0035 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0036 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0037 Asheville_Elopement_Photographer_0038

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