Kasey+Aaron; A Sunrise Mountaintop Proposal; Asheville Wedding Photographer

There are moments in my current place in life where I just do not appreciate the job that I have. Afternoons where I’ve been home alone for hours, scrolling through Facebook and generally procrastinating where I almost wish for a 9-5, with coworkers and a break room and maybe even a cubicle. But then I have mornings like last Sunday…and I realize anew just how blessed I am to do what I do. At 7am I found myself hiking up a closed access road in the Blue Ridge mountains in the pre-dawn darkness, bound for a shadowy summit towering over my head in the gloom. I had been on the road since 5am, chasing the sunrise east down 1-40 from Asheville. I had to get there early, you see, for something very special was to happen on that mountain top just after the sun cleared the horizon.

I’ve known Aaron for several years now. We were friends in college and since graduating I see him about once a month when I make my constant trips to the mountains. I didn’t meet Kasey until a few months ago, though she and Aaron have known each other for years. I remember last fall talking with Aaron as we drove into the mountains for a day of hiking, when he told me he thought Kasey was “the one”. I told him he’d better call me when the time was right.

And a two weeks ago I got that call. So here I was, freezing to death (I really thought it was The End a few times y’all. Me and that mountaintop, the end of the line. It was REAL cold) in a bush on the summit of Table Rock mountain, waiting for these two to appear and for me to capture the beginning of the next chapter in their lives. And as I hiked up to my spot and sat there waiting, I just couldn’t believe how lucky I am. I get to hike up mountains at sunrise and document the happiest moment of people’s lives for a living. I never ever ever want a cubicle. Most people will work a lot of different jobs in their lives. I hope and pray that when you settled down for the long haul with one that it gives you as much life and joy as mine does almost every day. To be trusted to enter into these personal moments and capture them for all time is such an overwhelming honor and blessing.

I won’t tell you about the proposal…let me show you.

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