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It’s thunderstorm season y’all. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even worry anymore then I see the little dark cloud and lightning icon on my weather app, it appears so often these days. Usually that means a passing shower in the afternoon, enough to either cool things off or kick the humidity up to pressure-cooker level, but either way, not enough to rain us out and force a rainy engagement shoot. This Monday was the same; Lauren and Billy were driving up from SC for their shoot, Lauren had taken the time to get her hair and makeup done, and the stubborn little black cloud was dominating the calendar on my phone. But we were going to chance it.

We had plans to hike up to a gorgeous bald, but as the shoot time grew closer and the clouds got thicker I made a game-time decision and we went instead to the family farm of a dear friend. You guys, I’m so glad we did. We couldn’t have timed the shoot better if we had tried! We got some time in a gorgeous field of wildflowers with the mountains behind, and JUST as we hopped in the car to drive to the barn, the skies opened up, giving us the perfect mood for some quiet portraits in the hayloft with the rain pattering on the roof. Just as we finished up there, the rain let up and mists began to rise from the fields, giving us some gorgeous, ethereal light to finish up the shoot with. The last few photos are my favorite…running from the rain as the skies opened up again just as we were done. This rainy engagement shoot is possibly one of my favorites this season!

I’m SO glad we took this chance! The resulting set of images is moody and gorgeous with just the right amount of laughter and silliness sprinkled in. Lauren and Billy, you guys KILLED it!

Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0001 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0002 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0003 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0004 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0005 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0006 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0007 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0008 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0009 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0010 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0011 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0012 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0013 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0014 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0015 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0016 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0017 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0018 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0019 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0020 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0021 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0022 Destination-wedding-photographer-asheville-engagement-farm-_0023

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