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It’s that time of year again!! Wedding season is right around the corner and I am in search of the perfect assistant to round out my team for the spring season. Nearly 8 years ago I myself was a lowly intern for the wonderful Beth Ely Photography and y’all, it changed. my. life. In just one summer I had a full portfolio, had been on the backend of nearly a dozen weddings, and was equipped to start booking my own. Because of how helpful that was for me, I have taken on an intern every season since, as a way of paying it forward and helping to equip other inspiring wedding photographers to get out there and start booking their own weddings! Interested? I’ve got an Asheville wedding photography internship opportunity for you!  Read on.

Adventure Elopement, Wedding Photography Internship

Are you interested in getting into wedding photography but don’t know where to start? Have you realized that you need to have shot weddings in order to book weddings and it seems like an exclusive cycle that you can’t seem to break into? WELL.

In 2019 I’m offering a spring Asheville wedding photography internship. I’m looking for a dedicated, creative individual who is willing and interested in learning more about vaulting themselves into the wedding photography industry. No wedding experience is required but you do need to have your own DSLR (Canon preferred but not required) and know how to operate it on manual mode. This is NOT a second shooter position but you will have lots of chances to shoot for yourself! As my 2019 spring assistant and intern, you would shadow and assist me at about 6-8 weddings in the Asheville, Charlotte, and occasionally Raleigh area as well as the opportunity to shadow on several elopements and engagement shoots throughout March-June. You’ll need your own transportation to weddings (unless you come to and ride with me). Assistant duties include carrying gear, holding lights and light stands, anticipating my needs before I even know what I need (kidding ;P ), and generally being awesome and rocking the wedding day. Bring your camera! You’ll be free to shoot over my shoulder or practice something new anytime you’re not needed to assist and as time goes on depending on level of skill and improvement you may be asked to shoot groom prep or invited to step in and direct during portrait time. I want to see you improve, succeed, and shine as a wedding photographer! There may even be a travel opportunity or two   You also get a FREE seat to the Wild Places Workshop in Asheville in April!! Yes, totally free.

Adventure Engagement Session, Wedding Photography Internship

This Asheville wedding photography internship is an unpaid position but it does have it’s perks! First of all, you’ll leave the season with an awesome wedding portfolio ready to springboard you into the wedding industry. You’ll get to be on the backend of weddings without ANY pressure on you to produce anything…you can just sit back, soak it in, and learn. You’ll have a chance to experiment, take risky shots (while I’m stuck shooting the safe one’s that I know will work) and get to know your own voice and style as a photographer. I am based in Asheville but I’ll be available to Skype with you once a week to discuss any questions you might have about running a business, taxes, editing, products, or anything else you might want to know if you’re not local to the Asheville area. Also, there’s an end of season pedicure involved (You’ll also come out of the season with tons of awesome photos of yourself standing in as a light test model). You can get college credit for this internship as well!

Sound like something you’d love? Fill out the application HEREI can’t wait to meet you and work with you! You can also check out and get to know some past #cmpinternoftheyear’s here, here, and here!

Craggy Gardens Engagement Session, Wedding Photography Internship

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