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Let’s talk about boudoir for a second.
So many women think of boudoir as something to do before you get married, as a gift for your husband, or for an anniversary or something. And don’t get me wrong, that’s a great reason to do it! But the message behind that idea is that our bodies are only valuable to or for the male gaze. And I refuse to accept that. I want to challenge the notion that we can only celebrate our bodies when it the context of our partners. I think our bodies are a glorious, miraculous gift and that they should be CELEBRATED, not treated as dirty or shameful. I want every women to love the body she’s been put into, and to confidently celebrate it every day.
I’m aiming this especially at single women, or Christian ladies who have been raised not to think of themselves as sexy, until suddenly they’re supposed to flip a switch on their wedding night and step into that role. Frankly, I think that’s bullshit and I want to help you step out of that cage and into a loving, celebratory relationship with the incredible gift that your body is.
So I’m calling all gorgeous ladies (so, all ladies)!! On February 16 I’m hosting another boudoir marathon!! I believe that our bodies are gorgeous, beautiful, amazing things given to us as a gift, and they should be celebrated and documented! There is something so empowering about picking out a few items of lingerie (or just hanging out in your favorite t-shirt) that make you feel AMAZING and sexy and confident, having a glass of wine, and rocking the hell out of it in a tasteful, artistic, and gorgeous environment for some amazing photos.
I’m creating space for that to happen! February 16 from 10am-5pm I’ll be hosting a boudoir marathon here in Asheville. I have a GORGEOUS Airbnb booked, the most AMAZING hair and makeup artist on board to make you feel like an absolute bad-ass fierce lady, some incredible florals from a local artist, and we’ll have a yummy wine and champagne bar to help get your confidence up 🙂 Come join me for an awesome, empowering, and just downright FUN experience!
In order to make sure each woman has enough time to feel totally comfortable and empowered, I’m limiting the number of shoots this time to just 5 (4 left now!). For $450, you’ll get around 30 high-res digital images to do whatever you want with! I have 2 (1 left!) early bird slots available for $350, so grab those before they’re gone! But even if you don’t want to do it as any sort of gift, do it for yourself! You WON’T regret it, I promise you that.
I know boudoir can be a somewhat scary and/or polarizing thing, but I really want to encourage you to stop and think about it for a minute. Having done my own boudoir shoot last year I can tell you hands down that it is one of the most liberating and confidence-building things I’ve ever done. I firmly believe that every woman should get to experience it at some point in her life! I did it as a wedding gift for my husband but it ended up being for me as well, in a way I never anticipated.
So pick out something pretty and come rock it on February 16!
Asheville Boudoir

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