Epic Mountain Engagement Shoot; Stew+Krause; Asheville Elopement Photographer

I had the best time with Stew+Krause on their epic mountain engagement shoot. The fall colors peaked late this year, so even though we were hiking at the end of October, we still had amazing foliage to go with the stunning views. We met up at the trailhead and hiked the mile and a half or so to the top, talking about how they met (she gave him a fake name at first!), their Asheville elopement plans for next June (spoiler alert, it involves glamping), and bad dates (none of which they had been on with each other). When we got to the top of the mountain, the sun was just reaching the edge of a cloud bank, drenching the cliffs with golden light. After a rest and a celebratory trail beer, we set to exploring the cliffs and crags as the sun sank lower. The wind picked up and whipped around us, tossing the skirt of Stew’s dress around and creating the perfect scene. These two were such troopers, pulling out a blanket to snuggle in as it got colder and colder. We eventually made our way back down the trail in the dark, in awe of the landscape we had just witnessed.

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