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I know it sounds cheesy to say, but I really feel like 2017 was my year. The start of being exactly where I want to be in this crazy business. I moved away from larger weddings and shot a ton of intimate weddings and elopements, and I got to travel to some of the most amazing places I have ever seen. I’ve spent the last two weeks combing through the literal thousands of images I took this year and I’ve laughed and cried all over again as I journeyed through them. My first pass at this was over 800 images! That’s why I’ve chosen to break up this yearly blog post into 3 this year; couples, weddings, and families.

First up: couples. To be completely honest, this is perhaps my favorite category. I love weddings. I love the florals and the vows and the tears. But there is something extra magical about capturing couples in their everyday element. Most of these couples featured below are engaged, but there are also a healthy mix of anniversary, in-home, celebratory, or “just because” images mixed in, and THAT is what I love about these images. That I get to come into a moment in a couples’ life and relationship and freeze that moment in time for them is astounding to me. I could never say thank you enough to each and every one of you who makes living this dream possible. From mountaintops in Western NC to drizzly valleys in Scotland, from the foggy Olympic Peninsula to sun-soaked boats on the Atlantic in Bermuda, you all have taken me to amazing places this year and I hope I have in some way brought you joy with the images we made together. It is for and because of you all that I am the best Asheville engagement photographer that I can be.




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