Catherine+Gary; Ocracoke Island Engagement Shoot; Destination Wedding Photographer

It’s not every day that your sister find the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with.  Catherine and Gary got married this past October (and Melissa DeLorme captured it amazingly!) and I got to stand beside her as her maid of honor and before that, I got to photograph the proposal (blog post on that coming soon!). So basically, I’ve been around to document their entire engagement season, and that has been such an honor and blessing. Before the wedding, this past May, my family went on vacation to Ocracoke Island for a week and I got to capture some engagement photos of the two of them and you guys, I am just so in love with this shoot! I love the light, I love the way Gary looks at her, and I love knowing that my big sister is in such good hands.

Gary is from Texas and Catherine and I grew up in beautiful NC, so they decided to have some fun at the end with their state flags. I hope you enjoy their beautiful Ocracoke Island engagement session!

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:: Carolyn is a destination wedding photographer based in Asheville, North Carolina and available for travel worldwide ::

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