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Brandy + John’s Intimate Craggy Gardens Elopement

** You probably found this post because you Googled “Craggy Gardens Elopement” or something similar. You’ve seen the photos of gorgeous couples on that epic cliff and you have you heart set on that for your wedding day. But before we delve too far into this gorgeous day, we wanted to take a moment to update you on the current rules for Craggy Gardens elopements. At the time this wedding took place, elopement ceremonies were allowed at Craggy Gardens by the Park Service. But as of 2019, the Park Service decided to no longer allow elopement ceremonies to take place at Craggy Gardens. There are very sensitive plants that live in the area that are being destroyed by overuse and people ignoring the signs and climbing over the wall onto the cliffs (that photo we all love so much? It’s not only harmful to the ecosystem, it’s also illegal to take and could result in a ticket from the Park Service). But never fear!! Our job is to guide you to amazing locations off the beaten path where you can have a private, intimate elopement experience. There are SO many amazing places in Asheville other than Craggy Gardens. We would LOVE to show you some!! **

Brandy and John knew that an intimate Craggy Gardens elopement was the perfect choice for them. They both wanted a wedding that was non-traditional, meaningful to them and loads of fun. So, Brandy and John had a beautiful outdoor ceremony with just a few friends and family members. 

The day started off with a hike up to their lush ceremony spot at Craggy Gardens, which is a beautiful cliff that overlooks miles of rich greenery. The deep green of the trees in the background made Brandy’s white dress look even more whimsical. The day truly felt as if it were out of a fairytale.

Before the hike up to their ceremony location, Brandy and John met with their families at the trailhead and all hiked up together. Their adorable dogs even came along for the hike and the ceremony! We love when couples include their four-legged children in the celebrations!

Brandy had an amazing convertible dress from Laced with Grace with an overskirt and train that could be removed to create a simpler look. It was perfect for hiking in and still dramatic for those killer shots. Plus, she didn’t have to haul a big dress up the mountain! It truly worked out so well. 

The ceremony was nothing short of emotional. As Brandy and John exchanged their vows, family members and friends wiped tears from their eyes. During their wedding ceremony, they took communion from a gorgeous pewter goblet. It was a lovely, moving moment.

After the ceremony concluded, they celebrated with their friends, family, and fur children. We took advantage of the scenery around Craggy Gardens and captured all of the beautiful photos that we could! You can just feel the love through the images from this incredible couple and their intimate Craggy Gardens elopement.

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