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Julie+Ryan's Colorful Wedding at Haiku Asheville

Just south of downtown Asheville lies Haiku, a gorgeous and somewhat-hidden venue that used to be a plant nursery. Because of it’s history, the venue is blessed with gorgeous landscaping including a towering magnolia tree that watches over every celebration. Julie and Ryan chose this magical location for the wedding celebration on a gorgeous September day. Their love story isn’t just a tale of two hearts intertwining; it’s an adventure written in every moment, every photo, and every joyous cheer of their guests. Let’s dive into the magic of their wedding day…

Private First Look: Meeting in the Stillness

The day began with the morning sun streaming through the trees at the North Carolina Arboretum. The air was filled with anticipation as the two were about to see each other in a private and intimate setting for the first time on their wedding day. Julie, having prepped at Powder Me Pretty’s chic downtown Asheville studio, looked incredible with her non-traditional knotted faux-haux updo and layered wedding dress. Ryan, who had spent his morning at a cozy Airbnb getting ready with his closest friends, was the epitome of charm.

Their first look at the Arboretum wasn’t just about the photos. It was a private moment where they exchanged private vows and took a few moments just for themselves—away from the cameras, away from the crowds; it was more about the experience than about posing for a ton of photos. But we made sure they had lots of portraits as well! 

Preps & Ceremony: Charming and Heartfelt

Fast forward to the afternoon at Haiku I Do. Julie slipped back into her mesmerizing wedding dress (designed just for her by Tarik Ediz) in the bridal suite, her excitement palpable. Meanwhile, Ryan donned his custom cream/blue/brown suit in the airstream, a special touch embroidered on the suit’s inside: their wedding date. And oh, the shoes! Julie and Ryan opted to eschew traditional wedding day footwear in favor of a fashion statement: matching White Air Force 1s.

With a pre-ceremony hangout session that was brimming with champagne toasts and heartfelt family moments, you could feel the love in the air. The family photos, filled with candid moments and laughter, were wrapped up just in time for everyone to catch a breath before the main event.

The clock struck 5:00 pm and the ceremony began. As the couple sealed their vows with a kiss, a whimsical touch filled the air – bubbles! Six guests, armed with bubble guns, created a dreamy atmosphere, enveloping the couple in a cascade of shimmering bubbles. Let me tell you, every wedding needs bubble guns.

Reception: Let’s Party!

The evening continued with a series of heartfelt toasts from loved ones. Friends and family took turns sharing memories, stories, and well-wishes. And to top it off, four friends serenaded the couple with a song that tugged at every heartstring.

The celebration moved on with a delicious dinner catered by 12 Bones Smokehouse ( an Asheville staple) that was followed by portraits at golden hour – that ethereal time when the light was just right. Caroline knew this was the moment to whisk Julie and Ryan away for some intimate portraits, capturing the two in the soft glow of the setting sun.

And as the sun dipped below the horizon, signaling the onset of a cool Asheville evening, the dance floor came alive. With desserts from Nothing Bunt Cakes served and the party in full swing, Julie and Ryan’s wedding was every bit the adventure they had imagined.

From the matching Air Force 1s to the bubble gun extravaganza, every detail of their day was meticulously planned and beautifully executed. A special mention goes out to the fantastic coordinator, Kisha Blount, who orchestrated this perfect day seamlessly.

To Julie and Ryan, may your life together be just as adventurous, magical, and filled with love as your wedding day!

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Venue + Coordination: Haiku 


      Bride: Tarik Ediz 

      Groom: Indochino 

Hair and Makeup:Powder Me Pretty 

Music: Black Mountain Beats

Florals: All the Pretty Flowers Asheville

Food: 12 Bones Smokehouse

Catering Staff: Blue Ridge Event Staffing

Catering Equipment Rentals: Classic Event Rentals

Tent Rentals: Rental Me This  

Desserts: Nothing Bundt Cakes

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